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Why Commission Advance Loans Are Better Than Other Funding Options

If you’re a real estate agent that needs some cash flow to get ahead, commission advances can be much better than loans. What’s the difference? Although they might sound the same, advances have more realized benefits when compared to standard personal loans or lines of credit

You’re Getting Your Own Money

When you take out a loan from a bank, the bank is lending you their money, which is why there are so many fees and interest rates. But the commission is your money – you just haven’t received it yet. By getting help from a company like Realserve, you’ll be dealing with understanding people that know the fluctuating nature of the real estate business and the importance of steady cash flow.

Competitive Rates

Commission advances offer very competitive rates that allow you to keep most of the money you have earned. Realserve commission advances are $0.75 daily per $1000. With no other fees, such as application fees or exit fees, this is a completely transparent process.

Fast Process

After applying for an advance, you can get your money the same day.  When applying for lines of credit and personal loans, you have to wait much longer for things like credit checks. But we get you your money as soon as possible. We deposit directly into your bank account and you have access to your funds immediately.

Real estate can be a tough industry, and sometimes commission timelines can make it difficult to ensure steady cash flow. Our team at Realserve understands the nature of the market and the benefit of having someone give you a boost when you need it. Get paid today through our online forms!

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