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What Is a Commissions Advance Service?

Real estate is unpredictable  – sales go up and down over the course of the year, making it tough to predict cash flow. With the help of a commissions advance service, you can take some weight off your shoulders. These services give you the opportunity to sell pending commissions for a fee thereby providing immediate cash for paying bills, paying employees, and marketing your business.

Commission Advance vs Loans

Commission advances are not like bank loans.  Essentially, you are accessing your earned commission before closing, for a fee.  The process is quick and easy (often same day) compared to bank loans (weeks to fund).   Once the sale closes, your brokerage office pays the advance company, not you.

Credit Checks Are Not Necessary

Unlike bank loans, credit checks are not necessary when applying for a commissions advance service. Most commission advance companies will not examine your credit score, instead, they focus on a background check, current listings, and sales record.

Why Not Apply for a Loan?

Loans and lines of credit are more common, but real estate agents often find the application and funding process impractical.   It takes time to provide details and proof of your personal credit record, income and non-liquid assets, such as investments and real estate.  For many agents, this is a substantial undertaking.


For more than 20 years, Realserve has served real estate agents across Canada through low fees, a simple application process, and friendly customer service. Get paid within hours through our online forms!

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