Put Your Real Estate Marketing Plan Into Action

Put Your Real Estate Marketing Plan Into Action

You’re a real estate agent with a top-notch marketing plan. It’s all down on paper – social media, email newsletters, SEO-optimized website, traditional print advertising, flyers, door hangers, just sold cards and more. Or maybe you’re in the early stages of your marketing plan and could use a hand with some strategies. Either way, you need funds to execute your plan and bring in more commissions.

The ups and downs in the real estate market in Canada mean ups and downs in cash flow for real estate professionals. And, while a seasonal downturn in the market could make for the perfect time to focus on marketing, it might also coincide with a period of low cash flow.

“History shows that winter months are slow with fewer commissions coming in,” says Angela Gougeon, Realserve’s manager of Canada East. “In speaking with agents I get feedback that during these months when preparing for the spring season, they are short of cash and need money for marketing.”

In addition to promoting yourself, agents also need funds to market the homes they have for sale. “Home sellers are looking to hire listing agents willing to create custom brochures of their home and market it widely so it sells faster and for more money,” Gougeon says.

A cash advance on your commission could be the answer to your temporary budget issues. With closings taking 30 to 90 days, waiting for your commission could mean ignoring the need for marketing now. “You need your marketing money accessible when needed,” notes Gougeon, who herself spent many years as a commission-based mortgage broker. “You might think there’s a stigma with doing a cash advance. But this is smart. It’s, ‘I’m going to build my business. I’m going to set myself up for success. And I need cash to do it.’”

Realserve approves loans for up to 80 percent of your commission’s value, to a maximum of $20,000. “If your commission is $10,000, you can take any amount up to $8,000,” Gougeon explains. “For some, the option of taking multiple smaller draws on one commission offers flexibility and relief from cash flow stress.”.

Apply for an advance, sign a contract assigning a portion of your commission to Realserve and get money today. Your office pays Realserve down the road when your commission comes in. Realserve provides same-day direct-deposit so you can get to work on your marketing plan right away. Contact us for more information.

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