How to Find the Best Commission Advance Company

How to Find the Best Commission Advance Company

If you’re a real estate agent, a commission advance company can be a real lifesaver – they help you get money now rather than having to wait for the sale to close.   However, there are plenty of choices.  How do you find the best commission advance company for your needs?

Here are a few factors to consider when looking around.

  Factors for Finding the Best Commission Advance Company

1 – Experience

As with all businesses, experience and longevity are sure  signs that they’re at the top of their field.  A commission advance company which has been around for years – or decades – is going to have plenty of experience creating products that fit their market.

2 – Transparent fees 

Generally speaking, real estate commission advances are paid for with a fee system, rather than interest rates.  Therefore, a reputable advance company is going to be up-front about the fees they charge and not attempt to hide those fees.  Read their website and contract carefully.  If you find hidden fees, that’s a red flag.

3 – Rapid approval without a credit check

Commission advance companies should be able to offer rapid approvals, with no credit check and same-day service if the paperwork is delivered early enough in the day.

We, at  Realserve  strive to be the Best Commission Advance Company.

For over twenty years, we’ve served real estate agents across Canada with our simple application process, low fees, and emphasis on fast and  friendly customer service.  Apply today.



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