How Commission Advance Loans Benefit Real Estate Agents

How Commission Advance Loans Benefit Real Estate Agents

There’s no doubt that being a real estate agent can be a highly lucrative practice, but it can also tend to be a “feast or famine” prospect.  It’s difficult to have a high degree of control over your cash flow, and in turn, that can make it difficult to plan the finances for both your business and your own life.

That’s where commission advance loans come in.  Commission advance loans are a simple and easy way for real estate agents to control their revenue and prevent long “droughts” without paychecks coming in.  They’re safe, secure, and easily paid back as soon as the sale is completed.

Here are just a few of the benefits.

Why So Many Realtors Use Commission Advance Loans

1 – Get your money now

As soon as the purchase contract is signed, you qualify for an advance loan.  You don’t have to wait for weeks or months until everything is finalized and money changes hands.  You get your money now and then it gets paid back out of your commission once the sale is completed.

2 – Quick approvals

Unlike getting a loan from a bank, which can take a long time and involves a lot of paperwork, commission advances can be approved quickly.  We can even approve you and transmit the money on the same day if you get the paperwork to us by 2 PM on a weekday.  Since that signed contract is almost as good as money in the bank, it’s all you need to get approved.

3 – Low costs

Commission advances don’t use interest rates; the loan companies instead simply charge a flat monthly fee based on the amount of the loan.  And they are highly affordable!  A one-month $5,000 loan from us, for example, would only incur a $112.50 fee.

That’s a small price to pay if the alternative is going for weeks with no payment.

Get the Money You Need – Fast!

For over twenty years, Realserve has been one of Canada’s top choices for commission advances.   Click here and get paid today!


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