How A Commission Advance Works for Real Estate Agents

If you’re finding yourself feeling overwhelmed with expenses and the next commission payment is a bit far off, consider commission advance for real estate agents. Unlike loans, your commission payment is in the future, after all the work is done. An advance for real estate agents is called one of “finance’s best-kept secrets”.

Application Process

If you have commissions pending and a few deals on-the-go, a commission advance is a great choice. Unlike loans, you don’t need a credit check. Apply to Realserve with a simple one-page application form and you can receive your money the same day through our online forms.

Controlling Your Cash Flow

Commission timelines can make it difficult to ensure that you receive steady cash flow. At Realserve, our team understands how frustrating this can be and we have built our service on providing you with a lifeline to overcome this obstacle. Ultimately, you will be able to plan your finances more effectively.

Cost Effectiveness

Commission advances for real estate agents use a fee-based payment structure. There are no hidden fees. We charge $0.75 daily per $1000, which is affordable and doesn’t cut deeply into your commission.

Real estate agents should consider commission advances over loans. This is an industry where you are constantly putting money into your business, which can make it difficult to deal with unpredictable commission timelines. Contact us today if you have any questions or get paid today through our online forms!


Why Commission Advance Loans Are Better Than Other Funding Options

If you’re a real estate agent that needs some cash flow to get ahead, commission advances can be much better than loans. What’s the difference? Although they might sound the same, advances have more realized benefits when compared to standard personal loans or lines of credit

You’re Getting Your Own Money

When you take out a loan from a bank, the bank is lending you their money, which is why there are so many fees and interest rates. But the commission is your money – you just haven’t received it yet. By getting help from a company like Realserve, you’ll be dealing with understanding people that know the fluctuating nature of the real estate business and the importance of steady cash flow.

Competitive Rates

Commission advances offer very competitive rates that allow you to keep most of the money you have earned. Realserve commission advances are $0.75 daily per $1000. With no other fees, such as application fees or exit fees, this is a completely transparent process.

Fast Process

After applying for an advance, you can get your money the same day.  When applying for lines of credit and personal loans, you have to wait much longer for things like credit checks. But we get you your money as soon as possible. We deposit directly into your bank account and you have access to your funds immediately.

Real estate can be a tough industry, and sometimes commission timelines can make it difficult to ensure steady cash flow. Our team at Realserve understands the nature of the market and the benefit of having someone give you a boost when you need it. Get paid today through our online forms!

What Is a Commissions Advance Service?

Real estate is unpredictable  – sales go up and down over the course of the year, making it tough to predict cash flow. With the help of a commissions advance service, you can take some weight off your shoulders. These services give you the opportunity to sell pending commissions for a fee thereby providing immediate cash for paying bills, paying employees, and marketing your business.

Commission Advance vs Loans

Commission advances are not like bank loans.  Essentially, you are accessing your earned commission before closing, for a fee.  The process is quick and easy (often same day) compared to bank loans (weeks to fund).   Once the sale closes, your brokerage office pays the advance company, not you.

Credit Checks Are Not Necessary

Unlike bank loans, credit checks are not necessary when applying for a commissions advance service. Most commission advance companies will not examine your credit score, instead, they focus on a background check, current listings, and sales record.

Why Not Apply for a Loan?

Loans and lines of credit are more common, but real estate agents often find the application and funding process impractical.   It takes time to provide details and proof of your personal credit record, income and non-liquid assets, such as investments and real estate.  For many agents, this is a substantial undertaking.


For more than 20 years, Realserve has served real estate agents across Canada through low fees, a simple application process, and friendly customer service. Get paid within hours through our online forms!

How Commission Advance Loans Benefit Real Estate Agents

There’s no doubt that being a real estate agent can be a highly lucrative practice, but it can also tend to be a “feast or famine” prospect.  It’s difficult to have a high degree of control over your cash flow, and in turn, that can make it difficult to plan the finances for both your business and your own life.

That’s where commission advance loans come in.  Commission advance loans are a simple and easy way for real estate agents to control their revenue and prevent long “droughts” without paychecks coming in.  They’re safe, secure, and easily paid back as soon as the sale is completed.

Here are just a few of the benefits.

Why So Many Realtors Use Commission Advance Loans

1 – Get your money now

As soon as the purchase contract is signed, you qualify for an advance loan.  You don’t have to wait for weeks or months until everything is finalized and money changes hands.  You get your money now and then it gets paid back out of your commission once the sale is completed.

2 – Quick approvals

Unlike getting a loan from a bank, which can take a long time and involves a lot of paperwork, commission advances can be approved quickly.  We can even approve you and transmit the money on the same day if you get the paperwork to us by 2 PM on a weekday.  Since that signed contract is almost as good as money in the bank, it’s all you need to get approved.

3 – Low costs

Commission advances don’t use interest rates; the loan companies instead simply charge a flat monthly fee based on the amount of the loan.  And they are highly affordable!  A one-month $5,000 loan from us, for example, would only incur a $112.50 fee.

That’s a small price to pay if the alternative is going for weeks with no payment.

Get the Money You Need – Fast!

For over twenty years, Realserve has been one of Canada’s top choices for commission advances.   Click here and get paid today!


5 Advantages of Commission Advances for Real Estate Agents

If you’ve considered getting a commission advance for real estate agents, but you’ve held back … there’s really no reason to.  If you have a firm sale, a commission advance allows you to get your money that day, without having to wait weeks -or longer- for the sale to payout.

This doesn’t just mean extra money in your pocket.  It can mean real advantages for yourself and your work!

Five Benefits of Getting A Commission Advance for Real Estate Agents

1 – Control your cash flow

Being a real estate agent isn’t cheap, and you’re always having to put more money into your business.  If you’re stuck waiting on several deals to finalize ,access your earned  commission with an advance.  Commission advances provide money, without having to wait. This allows you to plan  your finances.

2 – Cost effectiveness

Unlike predatory “payday loans,” commission advance loans use a fee-based payment structure.  The exact amount of the fee varies depending on close, but it’s only $.75 per day per $1000.   Commission advances are easy and affordable.   Even better, the cost of borrowing is tax deductible as a business expense!

3 – Rapid approval

When real estate agents apply for business loans from a bank to cover their expenses, it’s a  lengthy application and approval process.  A commission advance for real estate agents can be approved in minutes.   We offer same-day direct bank account deposits when paperwork is returned before 2 PM, guaranteed!

4 – Invest in your business

Struggling to balance your  work and home budgets, particularly those supporting a family can be a challenge. You shouldn’t have to choose between  your loved ones and affording the marketing your business.  A commission advance can allow you to do both.

5 – Pay off other debts

If you’re carrying other debts relating to your real estate business, you could easily take your commission advance (which is a tax deductible business expense) and apply it to those loans – saving you money in the long run by minimizing interest costs.

For over twenty years, Realserve has offered safe, secure loans to real estate agents.  Get started today!

How to Find the Best Commission Advance Company

If you’re a real estate agent, a commission advance company can be a real lifesaver – they help you get money now rather than having to wait for the sale to close.   However, there are plenty of choices.  How do you find the best commission advance company for your needs?

Here are a few factors to consider when looking around.

  Factors for Finding the Best Commission Advance Company

1 – Experience

As with all businesses, experience and longevity are sure  signs that they’re at the top of their field.  A commission advance company which has been around for years – or decades – is going to have plenty of experience creating products that fit their market.

2 – Transparent fees 

Generally speaking, real estate commission advances are paid for with a fee system, rather than interest rates.  Therefore, a reputable advance company is going to be up-front about the fees they charge and not attempt to hide those fees.  Read their website and contract carefully.  If you find hidden fees, that’s a red flag.

3 – Rapid approval without a credit check

Commission advance companies should be able to offer rapid approvals, with no credit check and same-day service if the paperwork is delivered early enough in the day.

We, at  Realserve  strive to be the Best Commission Advance Company.

For over twenty years, we’ve served real estate agents across Canada with our simple application process, low fees, and emphasis on fast and  friendly customer service.  Apply today.



Commission Advances? Who Will Know? Will anyone know I took a commission advance?

Real estate agents, like other self-employed people, don’t have the comfort and consistency of bi-weekly paycheques. Cash ebbs and flows and on occasion you might need to borrow. Realserve provides commission advances to fill the gaps between commission cheques. But who is going to know about your commission advance?

“Most people who apply for a Line of Credit at the bank don’t tell their friends,”  says Angela Gougeon, Realserve’s manager of Canada East. “We will never publish anywhere or discuss anything about our clients’ use of commission advances.”

On the one hand, realtors need to be public figures. Your success relies on getting your name and face out there. And you’re dependent on the very public digital realm. “Building trust in the marketplace is the biggest asset,” Gougeon says. “Curating your brand takes strategy. A real estate agent that nobody can find is not going to succeed.”

On the other hand, you’re entitled to your privacy just like anyone else. “There is a piece that you want to be inconspicuous – your relationship with your partner, your finances. When it comes to commission advances, most people prefer not to share that information with others,” Gougeon points out. “They might be embarrassed at having to borrow or feel emotional about experiencing a lull in cash flow.”

Realserve’s has a strict Privacy Contract and commitment to maintaining client’s anonymity.  

“Because providing our services involves collecting, using and disclosing some personal information about our clients, protecting their personal information is one of our highest priorities,” Gougeon says. “The only people that will know about the commission advance besides you and us is the brokerage office because they have to sign off to pay us.”

While some people might feel there is a stigma surrounding borrowing, but the reality is that most businesses borrow money to grow.   The need to market your brand and the homes you have for sale is ongoing and costly. “Living with the conflict of bills coming due and no cash can leave anyone feeling trapped.   The financial demands of business can hinder your plans and dreams,” Gougeon says. “We get it. We want to support agents by directly depositing cash into their account.”

Put Your Real Estate Marketing Plan Into Action

You’re a real estate agent with a top-notch marketing plan. It’s all down on paper – social media, email newsletters, SEO-optimized website, traditional print advertising, flyers, door hangers, just sold cards and more. Or maybe you’re in the early stages of your marketing plan and could use a hand with some strategies. Either way, you need funds to execute your plan and bring in more commissions.

The ups and downs in the real estate market in Canada mean ups and downs in cash flow for real estate professionals. And, while a seasonal downturn in the market could make for the perfect time to focus on marketing, it might also coincide with a period of low cash flow.

“History shows that winter months are slow with fewer commissions coming in,” says Angela Gougeon, Realserve’s manager of Canada East. “In speaking with agents I get feedback that during these months when preparing for the spring season, they are short of cash and need money for marketing.”

In addition to promoting yourself, agents also need funds to market the homes they have for sale. “Home sellers are looking to hire listing agents willing to create custom brochures of their home and market it widely so it sells faster and for more money,” Gougeon says.

A cash advance on your commission could be the answer to your temporary budget issues. With closings taking 30 to 90 days, waiting for your commission could mean ignoring the need for marketing now. “You need your marketing money accessible when needed,” notes Gougeon, who herself spent many years as a commission-based mortgage broker. “You might think there’s a stigma with doing a cash advance. But this is smart. It’s, ‘I’m going to build my business. I’m going to set myself up for success. And I need cash to do it.’”

Realserve approves loans for up to 80 percent of your commission’s value, to a maximum of $20,000. “If your commission is $10,000, you can take any amount up to $8,000,” Gougeon explains. “For some, the option of taking multiple smaller draws on one commission offers flexibility and relief from cash flow stress.”.

Apply for an advance, sign a contract assigning a portion of your commission to Realserve and get money today. Your office pays Realserve down the road when your commission comes in. Realserve provides same-day direct-deposit so you can get to work on your marketing plan right away. Contact us for more information.

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How A Cash Advance On Your Real Estate Commission Could Help You Settle Tax Debt

The tax deadline is looming and you don’t have the funds to pay what you owe. How do you handle it? If you have a real estate commission coming to you, a cash advance could be the solution. Realserve – the commission advance company for real estate professionals – provides real estate agents with the fast cash they need to settle debts with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

“Nobody wants to owe CRA and if they do they probably want to get it taken care of right away,” says Leanne Lowe, Realserve’s west coast office manager. “If they have a firm sale, it would probably be in their best interest to avoid tax fees and penalties.” Although self-employed individuals have until June 15, 2018 to file their returns without incurring penalties, any balance owing is due by April 30, 2018.

Some real estate professionals set aside money throughout the year with taxes in mind. Others opt to retain their commissions and settle their burden at tax time. “It’s basically their choice if they want to take deductions out of their commission and some opt not to,” says Lowe. “They decide to deal with it later on.” In this case, they might not have the necessary funds to pay, and their debt to CRA may build as the years go by.

Debt can also accumulate for those who choose to pay off CRA through borrowing from credit lines. Realserve, on the other hand, allows real estate agents to borrow against an upcoming commission, so interest is automatically settled when the commission comes in. “When their office pays us out their debt is paid in full and they don’t have to worry about it anymore,” Lowe says.

“If they have a firm sale and want to pay off Revenue Canada it’s an easy process,” Lowe says. “A cash advance alleviates the stress of CRA breathing down your neck.” Realserve offers same-day direct deposit with no administration fees.

Contact Realserve to discuss whether a cash advance on your commission at tax time makes sense for your unique situation.

Using commission advance fees as a deductible expense

The cost associated with a commission advance from Realserve is a deductible business expense. All Realserve clients receive year-end tax receipts for the amount of interest they’ve paid. “If you’re using these funds to promote your business, it is tax deductible,” Lowe points out. Consult with your accounting professional to be sure you make the most of any available deductions.

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