5 Advantages of Commission Advances for Real Estate Agents

5 Advantages of Commission Advances for Real Estate Agents

If you’ve considered getting a commission advance for real estate agents, but you’ve held back … there’s really no reason to.  If you have a firm sale, a commission advance allows you to get your money that day, without having to wait weeks -or longer- for the sale to payout.

This doesn’t just mean extra money in your pocket.  It can mean real advantages for yourself and your work!

Five Benefits of Getting A Commission Advance for Real Estate Agents

1 – Control your cash flow

Being a real estate agent isn’t cheap, and you’re always having to put more money into your business.  If you’re stuck waiting on several deals to finalize ,access your earned  commission with an advance.  Commission advances provide money, without having to wait. This allows you to plan  your finances.

2 – Cost effectiveness

Unlike predatory “payday loans,” commission advance loans use a fee-based payment structure.  The exact amount of the fee varies depending on close, but it’s only $.75 per day per $1000.   Commission advances are easy and affordable.   Even better, the cost of borrowing is tax deductible as a business expense!

3 – Rapid approval

When real estate agents apply for business loans from a bank to cover their expenses, it’s a  lengthy application and approval process.  A commission advance for real estate agents can be approved in minutes.   We offer same-day direct bank account deposits when paperwork is returned before 2 PM, guaranteed!

4 – Invest in your business

Struggling to balance your  work and home budgets, particularly those supporting a family can be a challenge. You shouldn’t have to choose between  your loved ones and affording the marketing your business.  A commission advance can allow you to do both.

5 – Pay off other debts

If you’re carrying other debts relating to your real estate business, you could easily take your commission advance (which is a tax deductible business expense) and apply it to those loans – saving you money in the long run by minimizing interest costs.

For over twenty years, Realserve has offered safe, secure loans to real estate agents.  Get started today!

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